Storage and handling
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Storage and handling


TuryElectro offers turnkey solutions for storage, custody, picking and packing whether it’s for short term, long term, or even in-transit merchandise.

TuryElectro searches specialization in storage of electronic equipment, because we think that knowledge of the material stored and handled is an important added value that helps when handling, transporting and storing electronic equipment.

Our team of experienced logistics professionals keeps our customer’s goals in mind at all times, and with our ability to provide real-time feedback and customized reports, we increase operational visibility and control for our customers. From pick and pack to shipping, our order fulfillment team provides everything companies need to be successful.

Customers are increasingly demanding packaging recyclable. Turyelectro designs and supplies eco-friendly recycled packaging to fit customer premises equipments CPEs.

Warehouse 2000 m2 located in the Industrial Park “A Granxa”, in the municipality of Porriño, Pontevedra and only 10 minutes from Portugal.