Repair Legacy Networks
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Repair Legacy Networks


TuryElectro is one stop solution for your legacy multi-vendor network needs including repair and testing. The speed with which the network equipment manufacturers “end of sale” their core network equipments causes often have to replace equipment working and perfect performance for others that do not come to assume great advantages operationally. TuryElectro offers the possibility to maintain these equipments offering customers the possibility of extending the working period of core network equipment. TuryElectro until now, have extensive experience in wireless, wire-line, data and optical transmission including.

TuryElectro one stop solution includes repair of a wide range of equipment including but not limited to: Ericsson Diamux, Philips and Motorola HFC/RF Amplifier and Optical Nodes, Alcatel and Ericsson SDH, Alcatel DSLAM (ISAM, ASAM, etc), Cisco IP and ATM Platforms, Power Systems AC/DC (Rectifiers, Inverters, etc).

Our use of a variety of tools in-circuit and custom or functional testers allow skilled technicians and operators to quickly diagnose, repair and return products to customers. Our materials team excels at managing the service parts supply to ensure ready availability to meet customer needs.