Title Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Our values are Challenge, Cost Conscious, Open, Flexible, Sustainability and Quality.

These values together constitute our way of relating to each other internally, and to the world around us. These values guide our day-to-day work and decision making. It’s deeply ingrained in our DNA. It’s what’s ultimately fuels our mission and the journey towards our vision “Cut cost and waste, add value”

The Challenge is the environment where Turyelectro is more comfortable. TuryElectro is proactively looking to identify solutions to issues or competitive challenges that customers may be facing in their markets, leading to stickier and more collaborative relationships over the long-term.

Turyelectro always question all costs and provide most efficient solutions. Cost Conscious is a crucial ingredient to be able to offer our customers what they need, for less. We will step-change our productivity in order to become No. 1 in effectiveness and efficiency. Turyelectro will search simplify processes, drive discipline in all we do, consolidate new technology, doing more with less.

Open, share knowledge and experience in the company and with our customers, is the best way for strengthen relations. Find solutions where others see problems have been how to act in the present of Turyelectro and will be in the future.

Flexibility, TuryElectro have a positive attitude to change, adjust to changes easily beyond own responsibility, execute and react quickly and have the ability to prioritize are structured, organized and unbureaucratic. All this is crucial in the services we give our customers.

TuryElectro want to take part in the reduction of environmental impact by supporting innovative solutions for second life – regeneration of electronic products helping the Sustainability of the world in which we live. Our business is the provision of refurbish and repair services and, in the instance when a repair cannot be made, the recovery, reuse, recycling or safe disposal of products. The efficient and effective delivery of our services, enables our customers to manage faulty, damaged and waste products in order to reduce waste and prolong the life of the product. TuryElectro is committed to managing and mitigating the environmental impacts of its operations.

Turyelectro is customer-oriented. Believe that Quality is the best way to reduce cost and waste. We are focused on simplifying and are practical-minded.