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About us

TuryElectro enables customers to extend service life and maximize financial returns from their investments in customer premises equipment and electronics hardware while maintaining or improving their customer experience.


Founded in 2006, TuryElectro is a provider of after sales support and supply chain management services, refurbish, repair and smart logistics, providing best-cost solutions to the telecommunications industry.


In the beginning its activity was focused on the repair and testing of Cisco equipment, where returns were quick. Later the company was focused on the repair and testing of low-cost customer premises equipment where the automation of processes was fundamental. In these moments it will strengthen the IT Department and today is one of the assets of the company. In recent years, TuryElectro has focused on improving reverse logistics processes of its customers, achieving significant success stories.


TuryElectro is now a fast growing, provider of technical and business support covering a wide range of products (adsl equipments, cable-modem equipments, set top boxes, IP phones) and services (repair, refurbishment, reverse logistics, forward logistics, infrastructure & networking, testing, recommerce). Its customers include a range of blue-chips, whether local, regional or global.


TuryElectro is an extremely focused company in telecommunication operators. Enters customers through its cost-oriented prices and subsequently the quality and professionalism allow us to establish a long-term relationship of trust.