Screening & Testing CPEs
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Screening & Testing CPEs


TuryElectro designed an own test platform that eliminates test subjectivity, automates the Black Box testing of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) – including STBs and gateways. It simulates user interactions with the CPE to ensure the functionality and performance is to specification. TuryElectro design is used to script, schedule, execute and report on tests of EPG, A/V performance, channel plans, WAN and LAN interfaces, USB and HDD interface, WIFI connection, and much more, minimizing manual interaction and would establish a robust data measurement baseline for all CPE.

We focus our development objectives outcomes, adjusting to the requirements of the network operator, improving the quality and reliability of a refurbished or repaired CPE so that it is better than (or at least equal to) a new box from the manufacturer. Address the “no fault found” problem, reporting to network operator for improve technician procedures and addressing the “failures codes” enabling repair and refurbishment costs.

Turyelectro is currently running test platforms for Power Supply, Home Gateways (ADSL, CABLE and FTTH), STBs and Cisco SME equipments. TuryElectro has an extensive experience in the development and operation test platforms.