Reverse Logistics
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Reverse Logistics


TuryElectro turns cost of reverse logistics into value helping in reverse supply chain services including logistics management, environmental reporting and downstream processing. Reverse logistics was traditionally defined as the process of moving a product from its point of consumption to the point of origin to recapture value or ensure proper disposal. Nowadays it’s one of the fastest developing fields of business logistics, with the result that it is continuously changing in scope and significance. Reverse logistics includes activities to avoid returns, to reduce materials in the forward system so that fewer materials flow back, and to ensure the possible reuse and recycling of materials.

TuryElectro works in the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flow of customer premises equipments, in-process inventory and related information from the point of receipt to the point of origin to recapture value or appropriate disposal. Value return services increase the end-of-life value of products by extending their life cycle by repairing, replacing or refurbishing. Whether defective products are within or beyond the warranty period, TuryElectro manage their return, return merchandise agreement or including repair services and shipment back to customer.

The main lines of work are “not trouble found” reports, failures of design in the defective equipments, failures in the fault management and innovative mechanisms refurbishment of metallic and plastic housings.